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imDoingWELL, Cary, NC, USA • (715) 577-9542     © 2017 by Jeremy Buchholz, imDoingWELL

"I can help you tighten your mental slack, toughen your body, and polish your spirit!"

Jeremy Buchholz
Hi! I'm Jeremy.

I'm a father, fitness lover, martial arts expert, entrepreneur, author, outdoor enthusiast, wellness coach and all around life enjoyer. My passion is helping people find and claim their best life, and I’ve been at it for over 20 years! I’m the creator of a wellness model called imDoingWell that teaches people how to bring mind, spirit, and body together to create a life of harmony, happiness, and health.

Just like you, I've had my life challenges, but they have all helped me to develop an empathy for people who are hurting, abused, or simply just stuck. I can come alongside you and help with the mindset, tools, and modalities that have helped me personally come from a place of despair to one of DoingWELL.

Interested in working with me? 

...let's begin your shift.  
Are you ready to start?
Why Mind, Spirit, Body Coaching?
Because your Mindset shifts your Emotion which shifts your Action.
These three areas must be working together to get lasting results. I will help you 
your mind, spirit, and body together to create a life of harmony, happiness, and health.
Ready for a change? Schedule your FREE discovery consultation! 
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