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imDoingWELL, Cary, NC, USA • (715) 577-9542     © 2017 by Jeremy Buchholz, imDoingWELL

Hi! I'm Jeremy. 

"Once you stop chasing the wrong things....

...the right things seem to CATCH YOU!

Hi there, I'm Jeremy. I'm a father, fitness lover, entrepreneur, author, outdoor enthusiast, and wellness coach. In my coaching, I focus on what I call the "trinity of wellness" with my clients....you may have heard it referred to as mind, body, spirit.

My mission is simple: I help people become well in each of these areas because the three work in synergy for the individual to be able to recognize, claim, and LIVE their absolute best life!


Want to know why I'm so passionate about what I do?
I have learned that our past does not have to define us! I've faced some challenging seasons of life including loss, trauma, depression, an abusive relationship, living in a cult for a time, and even attempted suicide. Although these circumstances affected me deeply, I have since learned that I never need to define myself by them. Rather than living with an ongoing feeling of being a victim, I have learned to understand that I am strong for having overcome these obstacles!

Not only that, but the things I have been through have given me deeper understanding and empathy for those who are struggling and hurting right now. I am passionate about what I do because I understand feeling worthless and hopeless and now I just want to help others find their strength and overcome as well so that they can claim and live the life they deserve! 



My Transformation
After spending years in an abusive relationship, I began to question how I was being treated. Finally, when the abuse again intensified, I found the strength to leave the relationship and thus began my journey toward finding the life I was meant to live. 

I spent the next few years completely rebuilding my view of who I was, the world around me, relationships and people, and spirituality. I studied anything I could get my hands on that had to do with healing, God, trauma, mental and emotional effects of abuse, psychology, sociology, spirituality and more. I listened to audios, watched videos and attended seminars. All pursuing the truth about who I was and what my purpose was in the world. I worked with mentors and teachers, who helped me overcome fears, remove self-doubt and quiet my inner critic. I was able to release past experiences that, at a subconscious level, were preventing me from feeling worthy or deserving of making the changes I wanted to make in my life. I removed habits, activities, people and beliefs that no longer served me. I began to feel more connected, aligned and in-tune with the life I wanted to live. Relationships improved, my stress and anxiety decreased, I experienced a greater level of energy, vibrancy, joy and excitement for life and I began to see (and witness) my limitless capabilities.

It was at that time, I also found that nutrition and fitness affected how I felt tremendously and I dove into the world of fitness coaching and began helping people with their nutrition needs as well. During this time of transformation, I came to the realization that, that the only person responsible for my own happiness, was me.

That happiness and fulfillment would only come when I began to work from the inside. I needed to start prioritizing my own self-care and wellness or I would continue to "drift" through life in the shadow of my past. It was time that I took control of my own life and changed my trajectory. I was ready to redefine success and happiness on my own terms and I decided I was done living an anxious, overwhelmed and unfulfilled life.

At that point, my mindset shifted from wanting to change my life to deciding to change my life. I went from a defeated and hopeless shell of a man who lived in fear and experienced regular panic attacks, to a strong, empathetic man who loves people and wants to help them past any roadblocks that might have them stuck as well. It's only because I refused to allow those past challenges define define me that I've been able to move forward. I developed a deep empathy for people who are hurting, abused, or feel stuck and I knew I needed to share what I've experienced with others.



I've now retired from my career in law enforcement and sold a martial arts dojo that I owned for nearly 20 years. I have become a full time fitness trainer, health coach, and mindset mentor. I meet with people locally as well as use the internet to coach people all across the United States and in other countries. I've worked extensively with people who are hurting or frustrated and am able to mentor them in many areas including health, nutrition, mindset, emotional healing, and relationships.

I believe that when you work on a healthy mind, spirit and body, you can truly accomplish whatever you want. Now I come alongside people offering the mindset, tools, and modalities that have helped me come from a place of despair to one where I can say, "imDoingWELL". 

Interested in learning more about how you can work with me?

Check out my personal coaching program by clicking below! 

Getting to know me better....20 Things that I love! 
1. My FOUR Kiddos!
2. Martial Arts
3. Mountain Biking
4. IsaLean Pro Shakes
5. American Muscle Cars
6. Travel
7. Fung Shui
8. Coffee!!!
9. Puppies
10. The Ocean/Beach
11. Thunderstorms
12. Sunbeams
13. Hiking/Camping
14. Sushi
15. Snowboarding
16. Music on Vinyl 
17. Quality Threads
18. Hot Tubs
19. Hammocks
20. Art

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What clients have to say...

"The self defense class I took with Master Buchholz was far more than I ever expected! I learned many physical techniques and principles for sure, but what I didn't expect was the mental skills that I needed. Master Buchholz really knows what he's talking about. No fluff, as he says!" — Amy from North Carolina


"Jeremy basically installed a door to the four walls that seemed to surround me. I now feel that I can open that door and begin working on my life. I'm quite optimistic about this adventure!" — Pete from Wisconsin


"The balance that Jeremy demonstrated as he walked me through the mire of what was holding me back was beyond professional. I needed hope and empathy and yet, I really needed a kick in the pants as well. Jeremy seemed to know just how to make things clear to me. I could tell he'd been there before and he really understood. He also supported me as I put in the work to make the changes that I wanted in my life. He still checks in with me! Thank you Jeremy for all you've done for me!"  — Dan from Texas


"We had Master Jeremy come and do a Tai Chi class on the beach with our team and everyone really enjoyed it. It was refreshing, eye opening, and Jeremy was very insightful. It was a perfect change of pace for us all! I even think that several of our team members may begin taking more regular Tai Chi classes!"  — Adam from Florida


"Watching Master Jeremy work with my daughter brings me so much joy! He walks a perfect balance between discipline and fun (while teaching martial arts). She loves her classes with him!" — Julia from North Carolina