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Isagenix Reviews


IsaLean Pro Shake

Isagenix’s brand of meal replacement shakes, IsaLean Shakes, is one of the company’s most popular products and is a nutritious, balanced meal replacement with protein, energy-boosting carbohydrates and good fats that promote reduced cravings, healthy weight loss, and fat burning while building strong, lean muscle mass.


IsaLean Pro shakes have a substantial amount of “Cheerful Cows” (delivered from New Zealand where the use of antibiotics and other harmful additives are illegal) protein per serving, contain 23 vitamins and minerals (the most I’ve seen in any product), and have a great flavor profile.

Ingredients, Nutrients, Vitamins, and Minerals

How Many Calories Are In IsaLean Pro shakes?

IsaLean Pro shakes contain 280 calories per serving. When compared with Ideal Shape shakes, that number appears to be substantially high. But keep in mind that those 280 calories are in 60g worth of powder, where the 100 calories in Ideal Shape shakes are in 29g of powder. When viewed in that perspective, IsaLean Pro shakes contain only about 30 calories more than Ideal Shape’s. While there’s still a difference, it’s not near as substantial as some believe.

How Much Protein Per Serving? Fats? Carbs?

One packet (68g) of IsaLean contains 36g of protein, nearly 53% of the packet’s total weight!

That packet also contains 6g of total fat (2.5g saturated) and 21g of total carbohydrates (6g dietary fiber; 9g sugars).

Other nutrients include:

  • Cholesterol: 85mg

  • Sodium: 270mg

  • Potassium: 400mg

*Note: The above information came from the Natural Vanilla flavor of IsaLean (my favorite to blend with fruit). However, the other flavors are very similar in macronutrient and nutrient quantities. 

Visit the Isagenix site to learn more about Isagenix Flavors, Nutrition and Ingredients.

What Vitamins and Minerals Does It Contain?

Isagenix’s IsaLean Pro shakes contain 23 different vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin A: Strengthens your body’s immune system and boosts cell growth

  • Vitamin C: Helps protect your body’s immune system and wards off fatigue caused by stress

  • Calcium: Helps promote healthy weight managements and strengthens bones

  • Iron: Increases energy and promotes production of hemoglobin

  • Vitamin D: Promotes absorption of calcium and decreases risk of diabetes

  • Vitamin E: Promotes a healthy immune system and fights free radicals

  • Vitamin B: Supports nerve cell and muscle function.

  • Riboflavin: Plays a big role in energy production and electron transportation

  • Niacin: Promotes healthy levels of good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol

  • Vitamin B6: Breaks down the protein consumed daily

  • Folate: Helps regulate brain functions and improves mood

  • Vitamin B12: Crucial for red blood cell production

  • Biotin: Promotes healthy nails and skin

  • Phosphorous: Supports bone and muscle health

  • Magnesium: Supports healthy kidneys and heart

  • Zinc: Supports the immune and respiratory systems

  • Selenium: Helps fight free radicals and reduces odds of certain cancers

  • Copper: Increases energy and supports healthy blood and nerve function

  • Manganese: Promotes a healthy bone structure and bone metabolism

  • Chromium: Helps lower cholesterol, insulin levels, and blood sugar

  • Molybdenum: Helps metabolize important amino acids (building blocks for protein)

  • Pantothenic Acid: Helps turn food into energy

  • Iodine: Strengthens the thyroid

Taste and Consistency

IsaLean Pro shakes are currently available in three flavors: French Vanilla, Natural Vanilla, and Natural Chocolate. Based on what I’ve found, Natural Chocolate appears to be the favorite.

Where some other shakes tend to fall a bit short in the consistency department, Isagenix shakes are standout stars. The results speak for themselves. I can count on one hand the number of users that have complained about the IsaLean Pro shakes consistency. And in what few complaints these couple users felt the shakes were a little too thick for their taste. Add water. ;) The thing with thicker shakes is that they USUALLY don’t mix as well as those with thinner profiles. IsaLean Pro shakes seem to be the exception to this rule. Clumps are virtually non-existent when mixed with water, milk, or my favorite, Almond Milk.


What Does Isagenix Use to Curb Hunger?

Isagenix uses a combination of whey protein, fiber, and active enzymes to help curb users’ hunger and appetite – the standout component being the active enzymes. One of these enzymes is Lactase. Lactase is a digestive enzyme that helps break down milk sugar lactose, which helps consumers digest the milk components much easier. Those same enzymes also help stave off hunger for up to 4 hours (according to reports from consumers myself being one). That time limit places IsaLean Pro shakes towards the top of the hunger-curbing duration list for meal replacement shakes on the market.

How Long Is Hunger Curbed On Average?

While hunger has been curbed for up to 4 hours for some users, two-and-a-half hours seems to be the average time (above average for meal replacement shakes). If you’re active, the appetite suppression will probably be shorter (due to a higher metabolism). If you’re not as active, then it’s more likely to be longer.

Other Isagenix Reviews and Results

As I look at other consumer Isagenix shake reviews, I found they were overwhelmingly positive. A couple of reviews that really stuck out to me included...

  • A 55-year old that lost over 25 lbs. (time-frame not included in the review). The person states that they are now a size 4.

  • Another consumer lost 15 lbs. in the span of a couple of months with very minimal exercise.

Keep in mind that the results above are *not typical* and will vary depending on your genetics, fitness level, and countless other factors. But based on what people are saying, you can be fairly confident that if you use the shakes as directed and are active, you will see some form of weight loss within a couple of weeks.

Pros and Cons


  • High quantities of protein. IsaLean shakes have 36g of protein in each single-serving packet – some of the highest quantities and qualities of protein found in meal replacement shakes available.

  • Effective at curbing hunger. A litmus test for meal replacement shake quality is the length of time it curbs appetite. Most quality shakes will curb it for an average of two hours. Isagenix shakes are above average.

  • Protein is free from hormones and routine antibiotics. IsaLean protein is sourced from “Cheerful Cows” – cows that have not been treated with hormones or routine antibiotics.

  • Contains 23 vitamins and minerals. Isagenix shakes have all of the typical vitamins and minerals found in meal replacement shakes and then some. The additions of selenium, manganese, and molybdenum make this formula stand out form the competition.


  • Slightly more expensive than similar products. Isagenix is on the expensive end of the meal replacement shake spectrum. But because of the effectiveness IsaLean at curbing hunger, this may end up being a wash. Also, I understand that I may need to pay a bit more for a better all around product.

  • High in sugar content. Again, a packet contains 9g of sugar – slightly higher than some other products on the market. Personally, I am okay with the slightly higher sugar content as opposed to having other artificial sweeteners added to the shakes. 

You can buy Isagenix IsaLean Pro meal replacement shakes here.

There’s a lot to like about Isagenix’s IsaLean Pro shakes. They pack a lot of protein (important for building muscle), curb hunger for a substantial amount of time, and have a thicker consistency and sweeter flavor than most other similar products. I highly recommend this product for your weight loss, maintenance and building diet.

For the complete Isagenix Product Catalog click here.