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1st - Root or (Base) 

Color: Red (deep red)

Location: Base of spine in tailbone area.


Physical: Adrenal glands, Legs, Feet, Bones, Large Intestine, Teeth


Function: Affects our foundation and feeling of being grounded.

• Identity and aspects of self

• Grounding (sense of connection)

• Physical survival (basic needs such as food, sleep, shelter,
self-preservation, etc.)

• Fight or flight response

• Security, safety (physically, emotionally, financially, etc.)


Blockage: May manifest as….

• Paranoia

• Fear

• Procrastination

• Defensiveness

• Greed

• Excessive negativity or cynicism

• Eating disorders

• Excessive feeling of insecurity, living on survival
mode constantly

• Pain or disease in any of the connected physical
organs or glands including weight problems, hemorrhoids,
sciatica, arthritis, knee troubles. 



• Meditation

• Affirmations

    1. I am centered, grounded, and focused. 

    2. I feel at peace. 

    3. I am a divine being and I feel safe. 

    4. I am ENOUGH. 

    5. I am fully supported in all that I choose to do. 

    6. My friends and family keep me grounded and care for me deeply. 

    7. I have everything that I need for an abundant life.

• Yoga Postures

    1. Knee to chest

    2. Bridge Post

    3. Half and Full Locust

    4. Head to knee pose

• Nutrition

    1. Beets

    2. Rutabagas

    3. Garlic

    4. Ginger

    5. Turnips

    6. Potatoes

    7. Parsnips

    8. Red mea

    9. Apples

    10. Pomegranates