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imDoingWELL, Cary, NC, USA • (715) 577-9542     © 2017 by Jeremy Buchholz, imDoingWELL


The self defense class I took with Master Buchholz was far more than I ever expected! I learned many physical techniques and principles for sure, but what I didn't expect was the mental skills that I needed. Master Buchholz really knows what he's talking about. No fluff, as he says! 


North Carolina

Jeremy basically installed a door to the four walls that seemed to surround me. I now feel that I can open that door and begin working on my life. I'm quite optimistic about this adventure!



The balance that Jeremy demonstrated as he walked me through the mire of what was holding me back was beyond professional. I needed hope and empathy and yet, I really needed a kick in the pants as well. Jeremy seemed to know just how to make things clear to me. I could tell he'd been there before and he really understood. He also supported me as I put in the work to make the changes that I wanted in my life. He still checks in with me! Thank you Jeremy for all you've done for me! 



The children's meditation class was adorable! My little girl meditates every morning now all by herself and I know that this new practice will help her focus as she matures. I highly recommend getting a group of kids together and doing this class! Thank you Jeremy! 



We had Master Jeremy come and do a Tai Chi class on the beach with our team and everyone really enjoyed it. It was refreshing, eye opening, and Jeremy was very insightful. It was a perfect change of pace for us all! I even think that several of our team members may begin taking more regular Tai Chi classes with Master Jeremy! 



Watching Master Jeremy work with my daughter brings me so much joy! He walks a perfect balance between discipline and fun (while teaching martial arts). She loves her classes with him! 



I began noticing my outlook improving within the first couple weeks of begining my training with Jeremy. I didn't expect that when I initially contacted him about in-home personal training and nutrition. Now, four months into my program, others are commenting on seeing the difference! I love what I'm seeing and how I'm feeling and I look forward to every session! Thank you for your encouragement and the pushes Jeremy! 



Thank you Jeremy for you genuine desire to see me become more successful in my business and life. You've helped me take my team to the next level by becoming the leader they deserve!



I never really realized how interconnected my mind, body and spirit are and how by neglecting one area, each of the other areas in my life suffer. I am now learning intentional balance in all of life as I practice martial arts and meditation with Master Jeremy.



Jeremy Buchholz has helped me to change my mindset and realize the greatness I am capable of and deserve. He's an amazing person and mentor!



I began mentorship with Jeremy thinking I needed help in the area of business mindset, but he ended up helping me forgive myself for some things in the past and to learn to love myself and see my own value. This has ended up making me an extra income as well.


North Carolina

I've been meditating now for a year with one guided meditation a week over Skype with Jeremy. I am not exaggerating when I say it has changed my life! Thank you for walking me through this practice so consistently over the last year! 



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