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5th - Throat

Color: Blue

Location: Throat


Physical: Neck, shoulders, arms, hands, thyroid and parathyroid glands.


Function: Affects our ability to communicate.

• Communication and expression of feelings and truth (speaking out)

• Creativity, self-expression

• Judgement

• Senses of inner and outer hearing

• Synthesizing of ideas

• Healing, transformation and purification

• Communication, whether it’s verbal or non-verbal,
external or internal

• Connection with more subtle realms of spirit and
intuitive abilities

• Propensity to create, projecting ideas and blueprints
into reality

• Realizing your vocation, purpose

• Good sense of timing


Blockage: May manifest as….

• Creative blocks

• Dishonesty

• Problems in communicating ones needs to others 

• Lack of control over one’s speech—speaking too much or inappropriately

• Not being able to listen to others

• Excessive fear of speaking

• Small, imperceptible voice

• Not being able to keep secrets or keep one’s word

• Telling lies

• Excessive secretiveness or shyness

• Lack of connection with a vocation or purpose in life

  • Pain or disease in any of the connected physical organs or glands including sore throat, stiff neck, colds, thyroid problems, hearing problems.



• Meditation

• Affirmations

    1. I matter and what I say matters. 

    2. I am proud of my ability to connect with others. 

    3. I communicate authentically and clearly. 

    4. My voice is powerful and I use it to inspire the world. 

    5. I express myself in loving ways. 

    6. I am cool, calm, and confident. 

    7. I express myself creatively through speaking and writing. 

    8. I express gratitude each and every day.

• Yoga Postures

    1. Neck rolls

    2. Head lift

    3. Shoulder stand

    4. Plough

• Nutrition

    1. Blueberries

    2. Plums