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Body - Workout Supplementation

It's needed to be done for a while now and I am super excited to finally be ready to offer it to you! My brilliant and knowledgable friend Heidi Dix and I have put together the first in what will become a series of books that will tackle some of the most popular and yet sometimes confusing issues facing anyone who wants to live a life of wellness! 

Books in the series will cover topics such as....

          • Diet and Fat Loss

          • Sleep and Brain Health

          • Cleansing and Intermittent Fasting

          • Meal Planning

          • Healthy Aging

The first in the series, Workout Supplementation, focuses on fitness specific supplementation such as pre-workout, hydration, sports drinks and the all-important PROTEIN supplement! 

We've created it to be an easy read and yet be packed with real, pertinent information that will help the average person wanting to make sure they are practicing good nutrition habits, all the way to the all out athlete looking to add that edge to their performance. Either way, the information in this book is not only scientifically proven effective, it's also SAFE! 

Our goal was not to create another fad diet like so many out there, but to compile documented information on

          1. What actually works

          2. What is safe

          3. What you should be doing specifically for yourself in the area of
              fitness supplementation.


Fitness is a huge trend currently and that is fantastic! But with all the supplement companies vying for your dollars, and unfortunately putting your health last, it can be a very confusing topic. Let us clear it up for you in this resource! Get your copy today!  


FREE for a Limited Time!

"I wish I had this book years ago. I basically just threw away what I 'thought' I knew. I appreciate everything you put into this Jeremy!"

—Pete from WI